Fighting for Jobs

Fighting for Jobs

My name is Jim Estep, and writing to you about my friend, David McKinley. David recognizes the need to invest in the jobs of tomorrow to keep our community and our country going in the right direction. 

He’s worked diligently and aggressively to help put the foundation in place to grow our local jobs. I was honored to share why I’m supporting David in the November election. 

David understands what we need to do to grow West Virginia's economy. I think we could use a few more people in Congress with David’s background and his experience actually creating jobs. He’s not a Congressman, just to be a Congressman. He sincerely wants to help our entire community. 

I’ve always appreciated David McKinley’s sincerity and his approach to solving problems. He understands what we’re up against. He understands where we’ve come from, and where we need to go. He really cares. David McKinley gets it. I hope you’ll join me in voting for David in November.

Thank you,

Jim Estep


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