Fighting for Veterans

Fighting for Veterans

At the height of the Vietnam War, I enlisted in the United States Army. Everybody else was trying to get out, I wanted to get in. I stayed in the Army for 20 years. When I retired, advocating for veterans became my full-time job. That’s when I got to know my good friend, David McKinley.

Congressman McKinley asked me to join his veterans advisory committee. He’s always working with the veterans, to see what our needs are, to see what he can do to help out veterans. He is genuinely interested in what we have to say, and how he can get to work to improve the lives of veterans. 

I once emailed David with a veterans issue, and my phone rang a few minutes later. It was David, he told me “Don’t email me. Call me, if you have an issue, I want to know about it right away.” That's just who David is. When he learns of a problem, he does not stop until he gets the job done. David is my friend and a friend to all veterans. I encourage you to vote for David McKinley for Congress on Nov. 6th.

Thank you.


George P. Davis III
Maj. (Retired)


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